Friday, 8 October 2010

Weird or what!

I was only yesterday giving my sympathy to Carmen (she of Whoopiedo.....ings) re her computer slowly dieing on her.  Today, decided to do some basic PC maintenance (and yes it was basic as I am techno challenged) and lo! I get my PC throwing a fit - frozen screen that's shaking and going all psychedelic on me. Set about wailing and wringing my hands in anguish at the thought of my un-backed up holiday photos disappearing into the ether when along came love of my life (hubby!) who worked his techno magic and now normality has resumed and all my photos and PC stuff are backed up on a new shiny drive thingy that I plug into the side of my PC. Was told it could be a graphics card issue. Hmmm, wonder what I'm getting for Chrimbo!!

Lizzie x


  1. darn it Lizzie you just will never make it as a public or closet feminist...learn the skills babe rather than waiting for the rescue! if they have a modern purpose then Men are for keeping naked and in the bedroom (post vasectomy) not slavishly entrenched in fixing our machines... ( ooh errr maybe they are?!)hahahha haaahhhaa mwahaaaha

    back from If we were married sister in laws, from saying goodbye to if we were married father in law - and eating crumpets...I so hope I sleep well tonight as I am sounding mad even to myself....


  2. Lizzie, I hate computers especially if they go wrong, and I am the one who fixes them in our house.. not only do I craft but I am a techno freak too.. yuck!! It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday, and I hope you enjoyed the wokshop, manic as it was... really must get my timing sorted!! lol Alwasy want to put so much into a project, and then expect you all to finish it!!
    Have fun with Donna


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