Thursday, 21 October 2010

WOYWW - my first one - YAY (on aThursday - oops!)

Helloooooo to all fellow WOYWWers. Sorry I'm late - I was very busy yesterday running a craft stall with my best friend Donna (known to most as Doone - she of the doings of) and the day just disappeared. We had a lot of fun but it was soooo tiring - possibly because I pulled an all nighter to tittivate a few of my wares. So here I am a day late.

Attached is a pic of one of the cards I made for the stall -not exactly on my work desk, mainly because: a) you can't see the desk and: b) my craft room looks like its been ransacked - which is what you get when you have two frantic, manic crafters preparing for a craft fair stall. Some of that manic crafting can be seen on Doone's WOYWW (link here).

Can you guess what the backgound sheet is?

I shall visit you all as soon as I can.

 Lizzie x


  1. Welcome to WoYWW. You will love it here. It's very addictive. And Doone is one of my favorite friends, too!

    I believe your background is what we in the States call paper towels, but I believe you call kitchen towels. Happy belated WOYWW from # 12.

  2. It's fascinating to get a glimpse of crafter's desks so I'm sure you are going to enjoy being part of WOYWW. That's a great male card. Elizabeth #60

  3. Looking like a rippled babywipe/kitchen paper - or a bandage there - great stuff - to be on a stall! Enjoy WOYWW
    sasa 19

  4. I think your background looks like a baby wipe that has been stained with ink and left to dry. Please do let us know!! :)

    Happy belated WOYWW. Lou Mac. #105

  5. Welcome - you've started a little guessing game re: your background, I'm going with a wipe of some description, very effective :-) Christine #14

  6. mmmmmm looks like a baby wipe to me.
    Happy WOYWW

  7. Welcome.....What a great card. Thank You for sharing.....Janetlynne (84)

  8. It Is A babywipe that has been wiped across a messy desk - not a babys bum ( thank goodness)

    thank you for the Hospitality.

    Let me knwo your Derby Dates,


  9. I would never have guessed a baby wipe! It's a gorgeous card, just love the grunginess of it! We WANT to see your mess BTW ;)

  10. Welcome to WOYWW! I saw the stuff in Doone's post! Hope you did well! Patsy from

  11. welcome to WOYWW. I agree with Carmen...mess is good for snooping, lol. caroline #36

  12. Hope you did well with your craft stall. I'm a newbie to the WOYWW so please be gentle with me!! Best wishes, Kym (No 42)

  13. Welcome! ANy friend of Doone's....How did the craft sale go then? And I hope you're recovered. VERY clever card...great texture on the paper towel.

  14. Wow this rock.,

    Sandy #1

  15. I too thought it is a baby wipe!!
    Welcome Lizzie to WOYWW and you sound as cooky as your friend Doone! (that's a complement BTW) hope the craft show went well and I bet you had fun together.
    JoZarty x

  16. Welcome to WOYWW - we love ransacked desks!! Cool card. S #84

  17. Welcome to WOYWW< I do like your card, the background sort of 'moves' like the sea...maybe a washing up sponge, one of those thin ones, or a hoover filter....or not! happy woyww

  18. Welcome friend of Doone :-)

    Never mind your desk being ransacked - that's what we want to see!


  19. Just stopped by again to tell you my hands were slightly green after my dyeing session last Wednesday. They are STILL a bit green! tHANKS FOR ASKING.

  20. Sorry I am late looking at desks - internet failure Wednesday night!
    Love your creative desk!!


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