Thursday, 7 October 2010

Just a bit too late for WOYWW :-(

Oh dear - I had hoped to join in the fun that is WOYWW but I was just too late. I have a good reason though - I was at the O2 on Wednesday watching Supertramp. But - I hear you cry - you could have written the post Tuesday and then posted on Wednesday during your lunch hour. And I would reply - yes, but that would mean I would have to be organised and besides I was covered in paint on Tuesday! Said paint was being applied to various bits of card and a note book, as well as myself and the surrounding desk top unintentionally. (Why is it I have a messy mat to protect the desk top, yet when I do messy stuff it invariably ends up on the one bit of unprotected surface?)

So, now its Thursday and I can't do WOYWW but I can show you the notebook that is now lovely and DRY! Good old acrylic paints, couple of spritzs with the glimmer mists and a nice bit of metal done on a Ten Seconds Studio mould in the centre aperture. Neat. All it needs now is a pencil attaching.....

......Donna - don't forget your dremel next week - I have some pencils that I want to put holes in.

Supertramp were brill - one night only in UK. Not one of my faves but one of hubbies and after all he did go to see Joe Bonamassa with me in Birmingham.

See you soon,
Lizzie x


  1. Never to late to take part in WOYWW :) People are still going round the desks right up until the following Wednesday - have you linked up at Julia's? As long as you do - people will still come :)I haven't taken part this week because I'll just end up headbutting my screen :P

    I'm with you on getting opaint everywhere - I somehow managed to get purple bits in my daughters dinner the other day - she wasn't impressed!

    The notebook is lovely :D

  2. shees you two are funny, love the note book and you need tot ell me aboutthe dremel when i call you half way down the M1 to say I am on my way so that I can go back for it...

    Carmen - ditto with the wood burning tool...



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