Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Hi, my name is Lizzie, well, most of the time it is but I'll save the story of my multiple names for a later date. (No, I'm not a spy - though that would be cool.....I'm digressing). Thought it might be fun to have a blog to talk mainly about crafts but really anything thats going on in my world that may be of interest. Its not a big world really and mostly revolves around work (a necessary evil that will not be discussed), my dog (love of my life), my husband (love of my life too - honest), my family - including my best friend Donna (she of Doings of Doone fame) and crafting.

Crafting has always been central to my life, I was forever drawing, painting, making stuff as a child and continue to do so now. In fact the title of my blog comes from the phrase I used to say as a child that my Mum said could apparently strike fear into the heart of any parent  (not being a parent I couldn't comment however my Mum said it did for her). That phrase was -" I'M BORED - I want to DO somethng!"! Mainly said on wet Sunday afternoons when there wasn't anything on telly and no one could face another game of SNAP, Cluedo, Monopoly, Escape from Colditz (does any one remember that board game?) or whatever game was the current family favourite. If nothing was produced or suggested for me to do I would find my own entertainment in tormenting my middle and younger brothers. In order to ensure peace something would miraculously appear from the cupboard - a new set of plasticine, crayons and a colouring book, or when I was older, wool to knit with. Mum always had something put by for me if it looked like the weather was going to be bad.

These days crafting for me mostly revolves around paper and glue and wondering how the dog got to look so sparkley when I haven't used glitter for ages, although I have recently got the knitting needles out to knit a shawl for my neice's first baby, a beautiful baby boy who was a whopping 91b 9oz's!! Here is the card I made to welcome him into the world.

Well, I could ramble on for hours but think I'll leave it here for today - don't want to put you off so early on in the life of this blog ;-)
Thanks for stopping by,
Lizzie x


  1. Ohhh I know that phrase so well. I used to use it on my Mum - she always said it would come back to bite me and it has indeed. Though how, HOW do kids these days get bored? I'm guilty of chucking craft stuff at my girls too :D

    The card is lovely - is that the offending glitter? My dogs are sparkling with green glitter at the mo ;)

  2. yay you posted!!!


    call me tonight at 9pm - I think I can talk without sobbing now - but no promises!!!

    still booked to come to you for the week starting 16th Oct - and the funeral is a week Tues...



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