Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Under Construction - boy this isn't easy if you aren't a techno geek!


  1. I though Luke set you up?

    Why no woyww post?



    I AM MAD?

    what does that say about you befreinding me?

    also you said November - I have proof inthe text - it's October - and when is our course?

    when am I at yours and if it is half term can I bring Addy?


    Enjoy Greece

  2. Nope Luke didn't set me up - so I thought I'd have a go myself. May need your help now though:-$

    Yes, you are mad and therefore its a given that I must be a bit of a nutter myself.

    Yes, I did say november in the text because that was the date on their website and then I got the email that it is 20th Oct - and that is in the week after out course which is on Sat 16th.

    Don't know if its half term then but yes you can bring Addy and don't forget you also promised Bob - not sure if Addy will be allowed to help us on the day though.

    No, I don't have a new car - thats my old one prior to my current one and the only photo I had available at the time when I was setting this up.

    I will speak to you tonight.

    Phew - all those questions - its worse than being at work.

    PS I'm a great auntie now to a strapping 9lb 6 oz boy.

  3. blimming heck


    Niall knew about the car & told me it was the Honda,

    will come down on the Friday 15 th an stay till Sat 23rd if that's okay

    gonna burn wood with Carmen - if you wan to too need you to take time off & let me know the day...(?Fri 22nd?)

    Phone unplugged....F*&k
    Will Call you - email me when you ar eback...


  4. I have been giving stalking priviledges to come stalk you so stalking I am. Blame your friend :P

    Hiya ;)

  5. Oooo aren't I lucky - got me own stalker :) Hiya Carmen - now I've got 2 followers I'll have to get my blog done!!! May even get a WOYWW done this week if I pull my finger out!!!!

  6. what finger - pull out the whole hand...


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