Wednesday, 25 November 2015

WOYWW 338 - what a mess!

Well that week whizzed by in the blink of an eye! Here again - but this time not much crafty is happening on the desk. I've spent the last month or so working in a space not much greater than 12 square inches (30 cm squared for those of you who are metric). When I sat down to craft on Tuesday a veritable mountain of stamps, pencils, card, card packs, envelopes, paper trimmers, glue sticks and tapes that was teetering on the border of collapse decided to actually fall and cover my space and also the floor. So no choice but to tidy. The slightly blurry picture is taken this morning with the iPhone before sun up after a 3 hour tidy last night.

Its better than it was but still can't work on there - unless of course I just shove it all to one end and work in a small space again. That would not be good as I want to get the paints out and I know from experience a full, messy craft table and paint and water do not go well together unless you want to create paper mache or some other such wet messy blob. As you can the the Paperartsey paints are just peeking out from under some card and a page from a dictionary, waiting patiently for me to do something with the pile in front of the easel. I will continue with it tonight as next week is December and I've got to get my christmas cards finished. I shall show you some of them next week.
If you are wondering what WOYWW is, visit Julia over at Stamping Ground. 
I will endeavour to visit more of you this week - I promise!
Have a good week.
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  1. wow, can't imagine how it must have looked as this is after 3 hours of tidying (or wait, maybe I do :-)) Vicky(#8)

  2. Good for you for making a start with the tidying...everyone's different with how they craft. I have to have clear space to lay my fabrics out on but know that's not to everyone's taste. How do you know where everything is though??!
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xx

  3. Love the mess - just gives us more creativity !!! lol
    darlene #40

  4. Oh no, I hope it didn't topple on to you. We get so engrossed sometimes the piles just get higher don't they? I know I often wonder how mine stay upright. Well done for having a tidy and good luck with your christmas cards.
    hugs Lisax #16

  5. Ha Ha I love this - only because mine often looks similar - Good luck with the paintinfg ;) have a great week. soojay 14 xx

  6. I know the feeling well of crafting in a tiny space.. hope to see your cards all done next week... ahem!! Helen 3

  7. I sympathise, Lizzie! My own desk, table and plan chest are all covered in stuff... I have been reduced to working on a small, folding table. I did manage to clear the top of the plan chest last week, along with tidying my packing supplies (for posting orders) and some of the mound of stuff on the floor... but then I was tired, then busy, so it's really no further forward than a nearly-tidy plan chest top. Well, there's always... erm... when? Sometime, I will tidy it all up!! I agree though - piles of stuff and paints do not make a good mix. Good luck with your tidying project - and the Christmas card making too.
    And thanks for visiting my blog today!

  8. I love seeing everyone's desks and how different we all are! Take care Zo xx 33

  9. You have a very busy crafting table! I know the feeling of working in a tiny little space. Happy belated WOYWW!

    Greetings, Sofie #37


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